Welcome to my webcomic website. It’s not the most spectacular site on the worldwide web
(Since the webcomic is only desktop friendly at the moment)
But it is my website, it is straight to the point, what you see is what you get.
And I take pride in what I accomplished so far for someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about WordPress.

The short navigation guide for rookies

From the Homepage go to “Jaguar Warrior” and go to the page called “Chapters”.

From Chapters you could select the chapter or “Issue” you want to read and leave a comment or give it a like if you want to. And feel free to share it on social media and spread the word.

For those of you who don’t want to wait. There is also a shortcut known as the right sidebar.

If you are a creative. Feel free to take some inspiration if you want to as long as the copyright from the author and artist is respected. I am not like a Sony Entertainment or a Capcom.

I am also aware of the existence of NFT’s, but personally I don’t like them.

The reason for this is I don’t see the artistic value in them, they are often used to steal art from hard working artists and creators and doesn’t hold the long term value and passion that you will get from someone who puts his or her blood sweat and tears into it. Therefore I ask you not to use my written work nor that of my hardworking friend on my webcomic website for NFT’s.

For those creatives who like to make “ecchi content” and “NSFW”.

Rule 34 is allowed. In fact. I consider it a necessary thing.

I even have a special folder for my own “scientific research” and I have no regrets.

That’s all.

I hope you will enjoy this story, the artwork, character designs, characters and the character development.

And the “blood”, sweat and tears NEF and I put into it.